How to Start Racing

For many people even thinking about racing can leave them feeling anxious and sweating bullets !

Let us guide you through the process.

There’s no need to panic

Here’s the process and what to expect.

You’ll be required to register (also called “nominate”) for each event via our website

Don’t panic if you can’t see where to register yet, it simply means registrations have not yet opened.

Registrations may open several months before each event and close 14 days days before the event is due to start, like and follow our Facebook page to see when registrations open, check out the “Events” section.

Registration involves filling out an online form with a bunch of basic details

Before You Register For An Event
Our events sell out fast, to help improve your chances of securing an entry you should be prepared, you will require the following.
1: Decided which senior CLASS to enter, junior riders have two classes, see HERE
2: Have a current valid AMA Membership
3: A Register Bike Number
4: Credit Card
5: Have read and understood the REFUND POLICY 

Registration forms MUST be completed in full, forms that are not filled out correctly, are incomplete or contain incorrect information will not be valid, the registration will be rejected, your registration fee will be refunded less a $20 admin fee, you will be required to go through the registration process again.

Registrations close 14 days before the start date of each event, we cannot accept registrations once they have closed.

What Class Should I Enter?
Senior riders are required to select a class, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Ladies.

Selecting the class that best suits your level of fitness & ability is critical, if you have previously entered our events or raced Hard Enduro overseas we suggest you enter Bronze class, this will give you an idea of where you should be for future events.
More information regarding class selection is contained HERE

Please note ladies are not required to enter ladies class, ladies ride exactly the same tracks as the other classes, if you enter the ladies class your times will only be compared to the other competitors in that class, this means if you enter Ladies Bronze, your time will be compared to the other ladies who have also entered Ladies Bronze, not the Bronze class.

For clarification on how ladies finishing positions are determined Supplementary Regulations

You’ll also need to provide your membership number that you have obtained from the Australian Motorcyclist Association, A.M.A.
AMA Membership

Your AMA membership number will contain 4 or 5 random numbers, Example “Your Member Number 12345”,  the numbers are unique to your membership.

Grassroots Enduro is a promoter of race events for the Australian Motorcyclist Association, we do not recognise any licences or memberships from any other organisations.

Race Numbers:
In order to race you require a race number to be fitted to the front & both sides your bike.
You must select and REGISTER a race number with us (see the link below)

Grassroots Enduro & RIVAL INK have teamed up to bring you some sweet graphic kits with your own race number at a great price,
be sure to use the exclusive discount code “grassroots” 

Approximately two weeks before the event you will receive an email containing the “Final instructions”.  The instructions will provide you with all the information you require, including the location, race format and schedule (time of each event throughout each day) plus much more.

Please read all of the instructions and Supplementary Regulations carefully, they help you understand what will occur during the event.

Preparing for the event:

Ensure your bike is well maintained and in good working order, the bars ends must be not be open, this means you must have hand grips with the ends of the grips intact, be using “bars ends” or hand guards that fill the ends of the bars.
Front and rear mud guards must be fitted to the bike.

Aside from the bike, you should have good riding gear, long sturdy pants, long sleeve top, gloves, helmet, goggles, motorcycle boots and a hydration pack, we suggest 3lt, click HERE
All helmets must meet the following codes: UN ECE 22.05, Snell M2015, JIS T8133

Most Grassroots Enduro events are held over two days, Saturday is prologue day and usually starts around 9am with race day running on Sunday.
These times do vary and will be detailed in the final instructions.

Need Help Getting There?
If you have a other commitments due to a busy lifestyle or simply want to save time & money we have a professional transport service that will take your bike and gear to and from each event, read more information HERE

You must bring the following
1: You race registration ticket/receipt
2: Your valid AMA membership card/screenshot
3: Photo ID such a a drivers licence
4: The completed self scrutineering form (sent to you with the final instructions)
5: Completed guardianship form (juniors only)

Arriving at the event:
You will be required to sign-on upon arrival to the property, look for the “Grassroots” tent and you’ll find some lovely ladies there who’ll help you out.

Sign-on usually starts around 10am on the Friday preceding the race and closes at 4pm, it opens again at 7am Saturday till around 8am, again these times will vary and will be detailed in the final instructions.

You can usually arrive at the event from Friday 10am, on most occasions, sometimes we can allow camping from the Thursday. (This will be detailed in the final instructions).

You’ll see signs that point you towards the camping area, follow them and go claim your spot, there is a camping fee of $20 per car payable in cash at sign on. You are not obliged to camp at the property, the choice is yours.

Sign-on on the Friday is strongly recommended as we need to get racing started on the Saturday.

Event Schedule

Saturday: Prologue is a set track of a much shorter distance than the full track and is “usually” much easier than the main track, prologue tracks vary in time/distance at each event.

Your fastest prologue lap/time determines your starting position for the race the following day, you can do one lap or as many laps as you want.

The prologue track opens and closes at set times which will be detailed in the final instructions, it usually remains open for around three hours, the above description does vary from event to event slightly.

When you are on the prologue track and hear a faster rider approaching move over to let them pass safely, do not jump on the brakes hard, slow down and move over.
If you catch a slower rider ensure you pass safely, a good engine rev can warn them of your approach.

Race Day:

Try to forget your nerves as you are about to have the best fun of your life!

Gold class riders usually start first, each rider leaves approximately 30secs apart, this time will vary depending on the track and conditions.

Silver riders leave next with the top 20 leaving at 30sec intervals, followed by two riders at time, increasing to five at a time.

Bronze riders leave in the same fashion as Silver.

Junior riders leave in small groups but this depends on the amount of riders.

You will be nervous, don’t let that feeling bother you it is perfectly normal, every other rider is feeling the same way.

The best tip we can give you for race day is, don’t race, just ride.
Hard enduro can very taxing on the body, ride at a pace that is comfortable for you, better riders will get around you.

Like any race you’ll need to find a pace that is comfortable for you and ride in a way to preserve your machinery also, manage your body and your bike, you are a team and you cannot finish without each other.

Remember you won’t be on your own out there, there will be plenty of other riders just like you, you’ll most likely end up helping someone else and they may well help you.

Our laps can be long and may take you several hours to complete, ensure you carry enough water in your Zac Speed hydration pack and maybe even some trail snacks.

What you should bring:
– Bike
– Riding gear
– Pit tent
– Tools
– Fuel
– Bike consumables
– First aid kit
– Panadol/Nurofen
– If your prone to blisters strapping tape
– Chair
– Food
– Water
– Swag/tent/caravan/motor home
– Cash for camping, cold drinks/food

(We usually have an organisation serving BBQ style food and drinks at our events)