AHEC Registration Guide

This is a complete guide to the licensing and registration process for the AHEC.

Some commonly asked questions (with answers) are included at the bottom of this guide.


To compete in the Australian Hard Enduro Championship, all competitors must:

  • Be over the age of 16
  • Hold a current National Seniors licence or a One Event Competition* licence issued by Motorcycling Australia
  • Have fully registered and paid for the AHEC round you are entering.

*One Event Competition licences are only available at the event during sign-on, you will not be able to purchase them via Ridernet, One Event Competition licences holders are not issued championship points.

IMPORTANT: events can sell out fast, please ensure you have your MA licence in order well ahead of registrations opening.

Step 1: Obtaining a MA Licence

The MA registration process is completed using the “Ridernet” web site.

In summary, the process requires you to:

  1. Join a motorcycle club (you can do this from within Ridernet)
  2. Have government issued proof of identity that shows your date of birth. E.g. birth certificate, passport or drivers licence
  3. Have current Ambulance cover. Note:
    1. QLD and TAS residents are not required to have private ambulance cover, as it is covered by their state
    2. Some ambulance cover providers can take 3+ business days to provide the policy number and membership number for new ambulance cover accounts
  4. Have proof of rider competency, either:
    1. A state issued road bike drivers licence
    2. Competency assessment by a coach or Level 2 Official
    3. Previously issued MA licence within the last 5 years
  5. Complete the MA Rider Competency assessment (this is done within Ridernet during the MA licence application process)

Step by step guide to the Ridernet process:

Note: Ensure that you have the following with you before starting the Ridernet process.

  • Credit card
  • Proof of ID (e.g. drivers licence)
  • Proof of rider competency (see above)
  • Details of ambulance cover (policy number, membership number, expiry date)

1. Create your Ridernet account

Go to https://ridernet.com.au

Click “Sign Up Here”

Click “Individual”

Fill out all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk *)

Click “Create Account”

You will be provided a 6 digit member number.

2. Join a club

Now, click “Join a club”

Select any club that’s local to you

Select 2023 12 month Senior Membership (or other applicable date period)

Accept terms and conditions

Click Next

Enter payment details, click Pay Now

Note: This is only payment for your club membership. Licence fees are separate.

After the Payment success screen, you can now:

3. Apply for your licence 

(One Event Competition licences are only available at the event during sign-on)

Select “Get a licence” under what would you like to do next

Click “Apply for a riding licence”

Click “Competitive licence”

Click “Senior National Licence”

Check all your details are correct

Click Next

Upload your proof of identity and proof of competency documents

If you would like a physical licence card mailed to you, tick the box at this step

Click Next

Tick the boxes relevant to the disciplines you participate in

Click Next

No Endorsements are relevant for AHEC licensing

Click Next

Answer the questions in the theory test

Once you pass with 92% or higher, click Next

Review and tick the declarations

Click Next

Enter your payment details

Click Pay Now

Make note of your reference number

Select “Finished” in the “What would you like to do next” section

You can now download the “MA Ridernet” (NOT the “Motorcycling Australia”) app from your Apple or Android app store which will enable you to have your “Virtual MA Licence” available on your phone at any time.

Ensure you keep your MA licence (virtual or physical) in a memorable location – you MUST bring it with you on race day.

Step 2: Register your AHEC race entry

Race registrations are completed via the “Registrations” link found here:

Home Page


  • You will not see the race registration link if registration has not yet opened. Keep an eye on our social media pages and our website for details.
  • Registration requires you to enter your personal details, and those of an emergency contact.
  • Registration requires you to print out and sign a waiver.
  • Payment for the event is taken at the time of registration.
  • All registrations are cross referenced with the Motorcycling Australia Suspended Riders List at: https://www.ma.org.au/support/suspended-rider-lists/

Step 3: On race day

On the day of the event, you must sign on and present the following documents:

  • Signed AHEC waiver
  • Proof of Ambulance Cover
  • Photo ID
  • MA Senior Licence (either the physical licence card, or the virtual licence using the MA Ridernet app)
  • Purhase a One Event Competition licence if you do not have a Senior National Competition Licence

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Am I required to register a race number, if so, how do I do this?

If you are racing the series you must register number with us, you can do so by click HERE

Q: MA requires me to “join a motorcycle club.” Is AHEC a registered motorcycle club? If not, what club should I join?

AHEC is not currently a registered motorcycle club. We recommend that you choose a club that is in your local area.

Q: I only want to enter 1 round of the AHEC. Can I get a one event competition licence from MA?

Yes, we accept One Event Competition licences.

Q: I’m still on my “provisional” road bike licence. Is this sufficient, or do I need to be an unrestricted rider?

A current learners permit or provisional licence is sufficient proof of competency in order to obtain a licence from MA.

Q: Can we camp on-site at the event?

Competitors and their crew (total of 3) can camp on site, we charge a $20 fee per car, this fee is given to the landowner.

Q: Can Juniors race the AHEC?

Only senior riders are permitted to compete in the national series, please contact your state body for any junior Hard Enduro events.

Q: Can I race in the Gold/Pro class?
All riders who wish to race Gold/Pro class are vetted by the promoter and must have a proven race history

Q: Am I required to register a race number and run the correct background/number colours if I am racing with a One Event Competition licence?

No, You’ll be issued with temporary numbers & stickers at sign-on at the event, (One Event licences do not receive championship points)