Picking the Right Class

Having decided to sign up for the Australian Hard Enduro Championship picking the right racing class is probably the most critical decision that you will make.
Carefully select the right class, according to your physical fitness, riding technique ability and racing experience.
Picking the wrong class can either mean that you have overestimated your skill level and are registering yourself into a class that is too difficult – which will inevitably bring you to sections, that you consider “impossible to ride”. You may master the first few of these sections by dragging your bike up or throwing it down the hill, but either your bike or yourself will give up, utterly frustrated after realizing that these sections just keep coming, one after the other!
You are a talented and skilled Competitor and you have registered into a class that is below your level. You might end up on the podium, but you will always question yourself what it would have been like if you had competed in your riding skill level.
To help you select the right class and give you a race experience that will provide a life time memory, we have prepared a few recommendations.

Here are our recommendations:

• Gold for most riders in Australian means “IMPOSSIBLE to ride” there is only a small group riders who are able to finish the Gold class.
• You should be an experience Hard Enduro rider with proven race results or have a solid Trials background, your physical fitness, mental stability, and ability to deal with pain should be world class. The sections we will present to you will be impossible to ride for normal “humans”. We will present you with extreme sections with steps, insane up and downhills
• You should be able to maintain a fast riding style even in the most extreme sections.
• All riders registering for Gold are vetted by the race organiser

• In the Silver class there are some future Gold class candidates who are getting ready for the “Real Thing” and some former Gold class riders who are looking for a more realistic chance to finish and have some fun.
• The majority of the top silver class competitors are some of the best riders in their state with extensive riding & racing experience. The Silver class trails are technically almost as difficult as the ones for the Gold class – but with less intensity and duration.
• You will require Extreme Enduro experience, your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should be excellent.
• You should be able to maintain a fluent riding style even in the most extreme sections.

• Bronze is our “Entry Level” class – if you have not ridden or raced Hard Enduro previously this is the class you should select, although you may not finish.
• Bronze class is manageable and fast – but still challenging. For the less experienced candidates – especially those coming from MX or grass track background, this is where you will be tested and “find your feet” for riding Hard Enduro
• For the Bronze class, solid enduro riding and technical skills are needed.
• A good enduro racing experience and with decent results is recommended.
• You should have a moderate level of physical fitness, mental stability, ability to deal with pain and endurance.
• You should be able to quickly recover a fluent riding style after dragging your bike though sections that you have never considered riding before.

Please note: Ladies ride the same tracks, select the class that suits your ability.