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Junior Registration: Australian Hard Enduro Championship

Hard Enduro is the fastest growing two wheeled motorized off-road discipline in the world, to aid with the progression of junior riders across Australia, Grassroots Enduro Australia will be introducing some changes for 2022.

The benefits of the changes detailed below are expected to see the already talented junior riders grow and develop their skills, aside from the riders technical capabilities, the longer course will assist the riders to develop a better understanding of their ability to manage their mental and physical fatigue along with managing their machine and develop a better understanding of the race-craft required over longer distances and more challenging terrain.

Fostering and assisting junior riders to be the best they can through natural progression is one of the core reasons Grassroots Enduro Australia was formed, to an extent, Australia has lagged well behind other countries and nations in regards to Hard Enduro, overtime our aim is to develop our junior riders into riders who can ultimately compete on the world stage against the likes of South Africa, UK and the EU nations.

For 2022 Juniors will be split into two classes.

Juniors aged between 15 & 16 years of age who ride full size bikes will be eligible to apply to compete on the seniors Bronze track, under certain circumstances riders under the age of 15 but no younger than 14 may be eligible to apply to compete on the Bronze track based on their demonstrated race history.

Juniors who are accepted to ride the Bronze track must register a bike number & register for the event under the “Junior A” class, all other Juniors must register under the “Junior B” class for bike number & events.

Note: A junior riding a full-size bike does not grant automatic entry, all riders will be vetted and will be required to meet a strict criteria, please email [email protected] to discuss.

This means the successful applicants will compete on the Sunday of each event at the same time as the seniors.

All juniors whose applications are accepted will be subject to a separate rider briefing, it is compulsory for the parent/s and or guardian to be present at the riders briefing.

All juniors who are accepted will be subject to extra safety requirements which will be detailed via contact with Grassroots Enduro.

[email protected]