Australian Made Tracking Devices

Far too many of us have had that sinking feeling when you discover your pride & joy is not where it should be.
Chains, locks, alarms help prevent theft but sadly they don’t stop it.

Once your bike has been taken there’s not much you can do about it aside from reporting theft and crossing your fingers, that is unless you have fitted a Solid GPS tracking device.
We have been testing the Solid GPS units for 5 months now and we are super impressed, the units have proven to be super reliable with a excellent battery life, we are at 60% after the initial charge, no need for hard wiring!
Set-up and monitoring is via the Solid GPS dashboard on your laptop or mobile phone, it is seriously super easy and only takes two minutes, when set to “watch dog” you receive an alert letting you know your bike (trailer,car,van,caravan etc) has moved from where you last left it, tracking is clear and simple via the dashboard.

We highly recommend Solid GPS, it’s great peace of mind.

For more information and orders go to and use the coupon code ” Grassroots ” for a two month trial before your subscription is due.