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Australian Hard Enduro Championship

Australian Motorcyclist Association 

Australian Hard Enduro Championship  

(Grassroots Enduro Australia) 

Supplementary Regulations 2022 

  1. Track cutting 


‘track’ – the defined path set out by the officials, the path may be marked by but not limited to, bunting, arrow  and tags. As a guide, if there is no bunting or defined track, the track may be considered to the within 10m of a  tag, such that a 20m lane is formed.  

‘Track cutting AKA ‘Cutting the track’ – the act of riding your motorcycle outside of the designated track during  in the race period. Time may be gained or lost, the rider may only exit the track or exit and re-join the track. 

Intentionally track cutting  

1.1 – If the rider leaves the track and re-joins the track with the intent of gaining an advantage other  rider (ie, time, saving energy) and/or inability to ride a section (ie, incompetent rider skill, entered a  class too hard), may see the rider heavily penalised such as time added, excluded/banned from the  event and/or the series. This rule still applies even if the rider does not gain an advantage over other  riders. 

1.2 – If the rider leaves the track due to an issue out of their control such as a rider pile up, a blockage  occurring such as a tree falling down post start of the race, may see the rider penalised such as time  added, the specifics of the situation will be assessed. 

Unintentionally track cutting 

1.3 – if the rider leaves the track due to their lack of due care (ie, not paying attention) the rider may be  heavily penalized in the Interest of maintaining integrity of the race, this rule still applies even if the  rider doesn’t gain an advantage over other riders. 

1.4 – if the rider leaves the track due to track marking issues, such as a considerable amount of bunting is  down. The rider will have a fair amount of time added as judged by the clerk of the course/steward.  This rule will generally only apply if multiple riders have done the same.  

1.5 Course changes during the event are to be done only with the agreement of the clerk of the course  and sweeps – spectators and rider cannot make these changes 

Check points and punch cards. 

1.6 –Riders will pass through checkpoints where the punch card will have a hole punched by  checkpoint staff/volunteers. 

1.7 – It is the riders responsibility to ensure their punch card is punched at each checkpoint. Failure to  obtain all required holes punched will see the rider DNF that lap. Eg If a rider completes 3 laps in 5  hrs and on lap 2 the rider misses checkpoint 2, the rider will have that lap removed, such only  completing 2 laps in the 5 hrs. If a rider loses their punch card, they will be classed as a DNF.  

1.8 If a rider misses a checkpoint, the rider cannot leave the track, take an alternative route or double  back to have their card punched, the check point will be deemed as “missed”  

1.9 – Checkpoint staff/volunteers have the right to refuse to punch a hole in the rider punch card.  Checkpoint staff/volunteers may use this right for but not limited to riding outside the track, 

jumping any queue that may form (riders can ask other riders to let them through), poor rider  conduct (swearing at staff, other riders etc, refer to section 3) 

Note: It is up to the steward to decide the penalty and the penalty is not limited to time being added,  excluded/banned from the event and/or the series. Each situation will be assessed individually. 

  1. Motorcycle operation/general rules 

2.1 – While you are at the event if you are on and/or operating your motorcycle, you must be wearing a helmet with the strap fastened. 

2.2 – while racing, helmet, glove, long sleeve shirt, long pants and boots must always be worn. You must  start the race with some form of eye protection. Riding at any point without a helmet will see you  excluded from the event but not limited to.  

2.3 – Riding in the pits is first gear, give way to all traffic and pedestrians. No wheelies or reckless  behaviour. Any such behaviour may see you excluded from the event and/or series. 

2.4 – The only place your motorcycle is permitted to be operating is in the pits and racetrack (when  permitted). Operating the motorcycle outside of theses area may see you excluded from the event  and/or series. for example, operating a motorcycle on an access road is not permitted, you may ride  from the camp area to the pits at walking speed only. 

2.5 – The bike you start the race on is the bike you must finish on; you cannot substitute or change bikes  ate any point during the event, you must start and finish the race on the same vin number. IE: suspension components can be replaced, engines may be changed but the frame must stay the  same. 

2.6 – All refuelling must occur in the pit. An enviro mat must be used (a rubber back door mat is fine), a  fire extinguisher must be present and readily available.  

2.7 – Tear offs are not permitted. If you are using any, you will be asked to remove them. Roll offs are  permitted but rider must ensure the tape is not lost on the track. If a rider does lose the tape on the  track, they must clean it up, there may be penalty for failure to clean it up. 

  1. Conduct of riders, rider aids and spectators 

3.1 – Antisocial behavior will not be tolerated, any person found to be conducting in such a manner risk be excluded from the event/series, be asked to leave the property immediately and/or other  appropriate actions, riders are responsible for the conduct of their aids such that they may also be  subject to disciplinary actions. 

3.2 – Starting and revving your motorcycle, making deliberate excessive loud noise/music etc after  7.00pm while at the event is strictly forbidden, doing so will see you removed from the property  immediately and banned from all future events, no exceptions, no refunds. 

3.3 – There is zero tolerance for illegal drug, anyone found to be under the influences or in possession will  on the property will be excluded from the event/series, be asked to leave the property immediately and/or  other appropriate actions. Riders must have zero blood alcohol reading when operating a motorcycle at the  event. 

3.4 – Anyone found to be damaging the property in any way, shape or form will be at risk of being  excluded from the event/series, be asked to leave the property immediately and/or other  appropriate actions (police involvement). Property damage involves but not limited to fence 

damage, deliberately digging hole with the rear tire of a motorcycle in the pits, camp area etc and  damage to structures etc. 

3.5 – Anyone found to be stealing anything from any other person or removing anything from the property  will be excluded from the series and the police will be involved. 

3.6 – Rider wristbands must be visible until the completion of the event, any rider who is not wearing  the allocated wristband will be excluded from the event. Helpers are also required to have  wristbands to be allowed to enter the pit area. 

3.7 – Riders ONLY can help other riders. (NO SPECTATORS, exception will be made if the rider is at risk  of injury. IE: stuck under their bike and cannot escape the situation without help. It is the rider’s  responsibility to ensure no outside help is given, riders who receive help will be penalized.  Volunteers who sign on are permitted to help in dedicated “Help Zones” only. 

3.8 – Riders are expected to act in ‘The spirit of the event’ which has been demonstrated at all our  previous events.  

3.9 – All riders must follow the directions of officials, sweeps and medical staff in all situations. Failure  to do so may see you excluded from the event. EG, refusing to follow medical staff direction to leave  the track or move aside to allow other riders to pass if deemed possible. 

  1. Event operations and classes 

The A.H.E.C 2022 series will have points accumulate over the five rounds, you will gain points based  on your finishing position in the class (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ladies) you have selected and registered  to compete in at the beginning of the season. 

Generally, prologue will take place on Saturday where your fastest lap will seed you for Sunday’s race. Sunday is generally a 4hr Cross Country format race where whoever does the most laps in the  allotted 4 hrs will be deemed the winner. 

You may change your class during the season, but your points do not carry over into the different  classes 

Ladies Class Amendment 6/6/2022, due to the increase of Ladies entries the hierarchy system is no longer used.

Junior Classes 

Two classes of juniors exist, Junior A & Junior B 

Juniors are age from 12 up to 16 years of age (16 and over is classed as a senior 

rider) Junior B do not have classes, all Junior B ride the same junior track. 

Juniors aged between 15 & 16 years of age who ride full size bikes will be eligible to apply to compete on the seniors Bronze track, under certain circumstances riders 

under the age of 15 but no younger than 14 may be eligible to apply to compete on the Bronze track  based on their demonstrated race history (Junior age limits may be overruled by the track  secretary’s discretion)

Note: A junior riding a full-size bike does not grant automatic entry, all riders will be vetted and will  be required to meet a strict criterion. 

This means the successful applicants will compete on the Sunday of each event at the same time as the seniors.  

All juniors whose applications are accepted will be subject to a separate rider briefing, it is compulsory for the parent/s and or guardian to be present at the riders briefing. 

All juniors who are accepted into the Junior A class must carry an enabled Spot Tracker to enable the clerk of the course to track the riders progress and to facilitate a swift response in case of a medical  emergency 

Bike limitations for Junior B class: Maximum of 200cc two stroke & 250cc four Stroke 

Junior B class bikes must be fitted with a clutch by the manufacturer and be no less than 84cc. (eg PW80 & JR80 as they will not make it around the course) 

Bike limitations for Junior A class: 300cc two stroke & 350cc four stroke. 

Junior A class bikes must be fitted with a clutch by the manufacturer and be no less than 125cc (full size bike) 

Mechanical failures 

If your bike stops and cannot be restarted, leave it until the end of the event, do not attempt to retrieve it during the event. Inform a sweep rider or official of your DNF when returning to Start/Finish area. 

Safety of other riders 

Please assist any injured rider until a sweep rider and/or medics arrive and then continue, please ensure the sweep takes note of your number and the time spent so it can be adjusted at the end of the event 

The Clerk of the course reserves the right to instruct any rider to exit the track, to remain in the pits, seek medical attention, return to their campsite or leave the event property at any stage. 


All protests must be made in writing, signed by the rider or emailed to to the clerk of the course by 9pm the same day as the race/event. 

The event organisers reserve the right to impose time penalties and adjust finishing positions up to 4 weeks post event based on evidence of riders cutting the course or missing checkpoints 


You must complete at least one lap to be classed as a finisher.  


The event organiser reserves the right to request any rider to make them self available at any time  for alcohol and/or drug testing undertaken by a licensed service provider, failure to provide a  sample may result in a DNF and exclusion from future race events. 

A positive test may result in disqualification and exclusion from future race events.