AHEC Competitor Survey

Grassroots Enduro Australia organises and promotes the Australian Hard Enduro Championship. Our goal is to always produce the best possible events for our competitors, so we are seeking feedback from you in regards to the racing events we promote.

Preparing for the 2024 race season we'd love to receive your feedback. With higher mortgage repayments & rental increases, along with taking into account many competitors are self employed, we are looking for ways to help reduce the expense of racing for those that attend our events.

The cost of setting up and running our events is pretty much fixed, regardless if we run for 1 or 2 days, so the next most obvious option we can identify is reducing the expense for competitors.

We currently run each round of the series over 2 days, with sign-on available on Friday and early Saturday morning, followed by a one hour race on Saturday, with the main race on Sunday.

Our question to you is, would you prefer to condense the weekend into 1 day, that being Saturday?

If we did make the change to 1 day of racing, the following changes would occur:

  • Sign-on would only be available on Friday.
  • The 1 hour race would be removed.
  • The main race would take place on Saturday.

The benefits as we see them:

  • The total weekend cost (if not camping on site, travel & accomodation etc) for competitors is reduced.
  • The competitors can relax around the fire on Saturday evening and conduct some serious bench racing.
  • We can bring back the Junior class and have them race on Sunday.
  • The competitors can pack up and leave on Sunday morning, or Saturday after the race if they prefer. This means, for many riders, they would not miss working Monday.

Please let us know your thoughts by making a selection below:

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