Volunteer Registration

Volunteer/Coaching Registration Form


1) I agree that I will act as an official and volunteer at this event or in preparation of this event in whatever capacity is required of me by the organisers and I confirm I am competent to do so.
2) I will only operate machinery/ equipment if I am competent / licensed to do so.
3) I confirm that I will inform the Organisers immediately should any change in my condition occur, which I have reason to or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to carry out my duties.
4) I will inform the Organisers immediately should I be asked to officiate in a position or capacity, which I do not feel confident or competent to fulfil for any reason.
5) I further confirm that I have familiarised myself with the course/ circuit and the facilities thereof and declare my acceptance for the purpose of my duties.
6) I acknowledge that as an Official and or Volunteer I may be exposed to the risk of injury or death and accept such risk and I will undertake my duties with their associated risks with due and proper regard for my own safety and the safety of those around me
7) I agree to all of the above, and have read and been briefed by an event official with regard to the MA Regulations, Rules, Guidelines and Best Practice and agree to abide by these terms. I agree to notify the organisers and to not undertake any duties if I am affected or impaired by alcohol or any other substance.
I have read, understand and agree to the above statements.(Required)

Volunteer Infomation

DD slash MM slash YYYY
I understand it is my personal responsibility to have current, update ambulance cover.(Required)

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact must be over 18 years of age.